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Recorded @ my studio space Brooklyn NYC on 11/24/12

an Art Performance Improvisation as a kind of rare surely quite different pub entertainment live recorded at Otto's Shrunken Head LES NYC from 11/12/12 here to listen a short excerpt the end of the collaboration

one of my daily recorded musical dairy works @ my Music & Art Refuge and Retreat Lab U.S.A 11211 Brooklyn NYC 11/9/12


Excerpt from one of my daily live recorded musical statements and state of minds @ my Retreat and Art & Music Lab 11211 Brooklyn U.S.A 11/9/12

one of my daily musical dairy works Recorded live @ my U.S.A. Music & Art Retreat 11211 Brooklyn NYC

Recorded live @ my Art Lab in Brooklyn NYC 2012 recorded attempt to document my daily state of the art - mind in a way part of a Musical Dairy