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Solo Performance with special Guests Mr Dicco Faust on Trombone Joey Asal and lovely Japanese Princess Coucou on Guitar and live Electronics Recorded on 5/22/13 Parkside Lounge NYC

tuning fork music composition improvisation and kontemplation a play for a pair of red magic apples recorded live on 3/20/13 11211 Brooklyn NYC Attention because of the low sound level of my playmates please use headphones for your pleasure that is recommended for all my playings without the ones with my stainless steel drum

music excerpt for Samuel Beckett s Waiting for Godot recorded @ my studio Retreat in Brooklyn NYC from 11/16/12

Recorded @ my studio space Brooklyn NYC on 11/24/12

an Art Performance Improvisation as a kind of rare surely quite different pub entertainment live recorded at Otto's Shrunken Head LES NYC from 11/12/12 here to listen a short excerpt the end of the collaboration

one of my daily recorded musical dairy works @ my Music & Art Refuge and Retreat Lab U.S.A 11211 Brooklyn NYC 11/9/12