Oskar Bonstroke - Artist - Musician - Performer

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  • Studied at the Music Academy Nuernberg Germany drums and violin.
  • Studied at Jazz School in Erlangen.
  • Ensemble Member of Opera and Symphony Orchestra Nuernberg.
  • Professional drums and percussion in various kinds of style and formations live-, studio-, theatre- and promotionwork for companies
  • Solo artist with special ,no music instruments', equipment like the blues sheet metal a set of untuned and tuned washdrums, a big stainless steeldrum, various other different scrub material, children toys and the own natural voice

Important German and European appearances:
  • Art Exhibition Documenta 2002, Kassel Germany
  • Art Basel, Basel Switzerland
  • Museum Centre Pompidou, Paris France
  • European Main Culture City 2002, Genua Italy
  • Art Grand Opening, Barcelone Spain
  • Museumsquartier, Vienna Austria
  • Literature House 'Ammerling', Vienna Austria
  • 'Templum in Ego', Roominstallation, Nuernberg Germany
  • Art Exhibition 2006, Nuernberg Germany
  • 'Go Ho', Art Exhibition 2009, Nuernberg Germany
  • 'Homelab Testtube Install 2.0', a Realtime Production 2009, Nuernberg Germany