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out of the boxing thinking
work in progress
Warning excessively dose of ...
You are welcome
Playings , exhibited , performed
Wundertüten, Momente, Spiele
Befindlichkeit als Protokoll
,spröde Liebeserklärungen' ,mit Wahlverwandtschaften'
before first views
Dada Eigen solistische Kinderspiele
Dispositive Chamber Music
between Torsi untidy Children Playrooms and genial Necessity
little own Worlds
if Thinking ,Doubts
becomes more quiet
here about
the Term and Perception of Music, Rhythmic, Movements always redefining
in myself
Journeys   Interim Reports   Dairy about
Atheistic missionary shamanistic musically artistic Works
intimate artistic Remakes revitalize of extinct holy ambient Ancient Templum Culture as
holy Trash Recycling Project Art & Music Improvement , urban ontological Research,
social Art , Engagement and Believer
Religion nowadays is reduced of our established, big Business making Communities with Exception the devoted Livings in Orders of Monks . Covered up with the Image of old Fashion ,Relict of the Past Times but paraphrased religious in the original Meaning of the Word only to BELIEVE IN SOMETHING and to go by that or LIVE WITH IT!
Attempts experimental Art Microkosmic Self sufficient Molecular Systems
Art Music Biotope Places and Projects
manifested in Forms how they comes to light
fusion mix media Art and Music works